I started working from home since May. We don’t have kids and my husband is mostly working in the kitchen where I try to avoid anyway. My day becomes longer as I don’t need to drive, worry about what to wear, what am I going to bring or eat for lunch etc. So my daily routine becomes: shower, change (yes, I still get change :)), boot up my machine, make my espresso, look at my calendar, write down my goal for the day (yes, my solo scrum meeting)…boomed, it is dinner time. Yes, I sometimes forget about lunch!

Facebook, I am trying to work. - author unknown.

I am addicted !!! 

I don’t seem to have enough distractions but my day goes longer and longer. Even when I am done with my work, I continue to sit in my home office to surf net.  After I turn off my computer, I will quickly grab my phone so that I can get all the alerts that sync to my Blackberry. In the middle of a fun party, I still want to check if I have any emails in between conversations with friends.  And now, on a Saturday night 12pm, I am writing this blog.  I feel shame that this blog is so empty and I am afraid that I wasted the effort to create this blog and link it to my domain name.  I have gone so far and I have to continue. I am addicted!

We all have ADD

In this world, we have very short span of attentions. We can’t sit in a meeting for more than an hour without a break. But at the same time we flood ourselves 24×7 with useful or garbage information through YouTube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter… and keep stimulating ourselves with 24×7 entertainment through TV, Netflix, Angry Birds etc. How can we not tired? How can we not be ADD? But yet, we are not satisfied. We still want more entertainments! More apps on your iPhone, get the latest gadgets etc.

If one day, the Internet crashes, this world will stop; we cannot work because we cannot have our “normal” distractions anymore.  We cannot get on our YouTube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and download songs; Angry Birds are happy now; and we cannot share what we ate for lunch!

3-Days 3-Ways Detox Program

So I suggest a 3-day 3-ways Detox Program:

Stage 1: Disconnect from all Social Networks for 3 days

Stage 2: Turn off all the electronic devices at home for 3 days

Stage 3: Be able to survive in a wild camp with absolutely no electronic devices for 3 days

Don’t live in denial!  Change is a process, not an event.