Vancouver Nightlife - Nelson and Granville St.

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Time flies! I just realized that I have left B.C. for eleven years.  ELEVEN YEARS !!! This week, I am back to Vancouver for a training.  Although I came back quite often but I seldom “experience” the city as most of my time was spent with Grandma.  This is the first time I stay for more than two days after Grandma’s funeral.

These are some of my new impressions of Vancouver:

  1. Things are farther away when you are driving than when you are walking.  They probably measure distance in hours.
  2. People are super friendly! They smile, say hi, and they greet you in the morning!  When the first time a person smiled at me in the morning, I ran into the bathroom to check whether I forgot to comb my hair.
  3. British Columbians are environmental conscious and healthy – they take buses, sky trains, walk, and bike to work; rain or sun.  I was amazed to see so many people walking across the Granville bridge every morning.
  4. There are way more smokers, especially pot smokers, than I noticed before.  I wonder why.  Maybe all big cities are like that?
  5. There are way more choices of great coffee shops other than Starbucks!
  6. No plastic, cash please!
  7. There are more people using umbrellas.  Back when I was in high school, nobody knew what umbrellas looked like!
  8. They never give up hoping for that “sun breaks”.  I saw two ladies at different times put sun glasses over their heads even though it is raining.
  9. You have to adjust to various accents quickly.  In our class there are Cantonese, Mandarin, Romanian, Parisian, Scotland, Korean, Indian, Native Canadian, Polish, and French accents.  Yesterday at noon, we were having a break and everyone was on the phone (except me).  I couldn’t help laughing!
  10. People are so used to bus drivers re-mounting those electric poles to the overhead wires that they don’t get mad anymore.  I think I experienced only once in my entire life in Vancouver when I ride the bus and people were furious.

Oh, I miss the days I worked in Vancouver!