Mid of March, I joined a new company.  So I ordered some new business cards and updated my contacts.  The business card printing company allows us to add another language other than English to be printed on the back of the cards.  I thought that is cool.  So I picked Chinese.  It is funny that they even translated the mailing address! I wonder if anyone can mail me Christmas gifts with the translated Chinese address.

Today I met a real estate investor.  He sounds like a very smart person and loves technology.  His wife and a business partner built a super energy-efficient house.  He personally designed this house.  The house even wired with fiber optic cables to every room.  So I was curious and asked for his business card.  He gave me this impressive high quality super thick square shape business card.  Ah, an aircraft engineer!  We chatted along and automatically, I was trying to put away his card to my business card holder.  It doesn’t fit in.  So I tried to put it inside my wallet.  The card can’t fit in any of the compartments in my wallet. Embarrassed enough; I held on to the card until I got back into my car.  I hope the business card doesn’t represent his design and products – looks nice but impractical.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe business cards can be effective and fun at the same time.  But the former comes first.  Here are 10 tips in designing effective business cards.