It was that historical moment in Winter Olympics Games. You enjoyed the super green environment. You missed those friendly smiles. You fell in love with the city. Now you want to move to Vancouver. Hold your thoughts!

If you are moving to Vancouver, you may want to live close to your work so that you can walk. There is a slim chance you can get to a place less than 15 minutes. You maybe able to see the parking lot in 15 minutes. But good luck finding a parking spot. You are considering taking the sky train to down town Vancouver. Think twice.

It was a long labor day weekend. My mother wanted to explore sky train with us to the Taiwan Festival in down town Vancouver.

My mother’s friend told her that she could use her bus tickets to take sky train. So my brother and I bought the tickets from the vending machine that couldn’t read credit cards properly and the multiple ticket screen flow was lousy.  There were no helpful staffs to help you that you found during that Winter Olympic Games. 

My brother went ahead to the platform. I was with my mother taking the escalator. At the moment we just got up to the platform, a sky train staff directed us directly to a transit police officer #117.  The Officer asked for my mom’s ticket.  He didn’t say a word and he asked for my mom’s picture ID.  No friendly smiles that you missed during that Winter Olympic Games.  So she gave him. We thought that was a regular check but the officer started writing her a ticket!!!

We were totally lost and didn’t know what happened. I was asking the officer what the problem was. He didn’t reply. I asked again. He said she didn’t pay! He ignored us and continued to write the ticket. Second Officer was there. He understood that it was the first time we took the transit with those tickets.  He explained that my mother needed to validate the ticket down stairs.  He tried to help but the apparently more senior officer has already written the ticket; a ticket that will stay with your record.  It is a huge deal. It was stealing – a crime that my mother didn’t commit and had no intention to commit.  How can we “stay calm and carry on”?  Is our law’s principle is to presume guilty and has no grace? The only thing we can do is to dispute the ticket.  Yes, the tax payers pay the officer to waste the court’s money.  Love the Canadian social security? Sorry, that one physical therapy you needed had gone to process my mother’s unnecessary ticket. 

Was that Winter Olympic Games an illusion of a friendly city or was this incident just an unfortunate regret?