Good night, Ma Ma!

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IMG_3780[1]was wondering why some people never say “bye-bye” before hanging up on the phone. Maybe some people don’t like the meaning of “bye-bye”. It is not just about politeness. It is about getting a proper closure of a conversation, or the suspense of whether the phone got cut off, or if the person I was talking to just fell into a ditch or hit something while talking on the cellphone and walking. Or maybe whether, as simple as that, the conversation was really over. Ever since I became a mother, I started to understand.

My son is a daddy’s boy. He loves daddy doing the night time story. He enjoys the father-son time before going to bed. Every night when he is ready to hit the bed, he would say “bye-bye” happily to me. It is like a needle of “Ma Ma, I don’t need you now” poke directly into my heart. Where does my boy with “separation anxiety” go? Oh, come on, you probably didn’t quite mean “bye-bye”. Didn’t you mean you wanted me to close the door and I could tuck you in? Really, you want me to go out. Are you sure? Do you really understand what “bye-bye” means? Until he starts pushing me out and getting his daddy pillows, “Alright, you meant ‘good night’. Don’t say ‘bye-bye’. Good night, Son. I love you!”

Listen up, everybody! It is completely OK not to say “bye-bye” to me before you hang up. I got it. I understand now.

I know, The Bible says:

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. – Psalm 127:3

Thank you my Lord for your reward. I just want to treasure my reward for a little longer. Son, I know you will leave one day. I know you are preparing your Ma Ma for that one day. God knows men alone is not good:

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh – Genesis 2:24

As we were walking the trail, you were picking up the wood chips.  You asked Ma Ma to hold some for you and even put some in Ma Ma’s back pack.  Yes, Ma Ma is happy to pick them up for you.  When the day comes, I will be very happy to say bye-bye to you as you will be capable of picking up for others.

Before then, just say to me Son, “Good night, Ma Ma!”


Be Still

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Images of drowned Syrian Boy echoes around World – pic from Google Image

O My Son, Be Still

Why are you so unrest
In the middle of the night and
You refuse to be comforted

O My Son, Be Still

Are you crying for the children
In the middle of the ocean who are
Seeking for their parents?

Are you crying for the parents
In nobody’s land who are
Trying to save their children’s future?

Are you wondering
In those helpless lonely days if
Mama will be there?

O My Son, Be Still

Listen to those little birds
In the morning
Singing “Blessed are those who have faith”

Listen to the voice
In your heart
Beating every second of God’s miracles

Listen to the roars
In the ocean
Washing away sorrows of Syria

O My Son, Be Still

Our almighty Creator
In the sky way up high is
Watching and protecting you

Mothers with broken hearts
In soaking tears of helplessness
Crying out to our Father in Heaven

Sheep of innocence
In the red sea of Syria are
Sleeping peacefully in their Shepherd

O My Son, Be Still
In every single breath I take,
I am loving you more

By Angel Pang 2016-09-08