Chinese always believe that a person’s character is born with and is fully revealed at 3 year old (三歲定八十 ). I believe so and encourage other parents to let your children grow in their own pace and on their own way.  I definitely am not a tiger mom.  I let my son be himself. And I am glad that God give me a son who inspires and surprises me everyday.  If my Grandma was still around, she would have so much fun with him.  

What happened two days ago was something I never expected from a two year old: 

My husband, was working in the garage while I was playing with my son at the front yard.  As I looked up, I saw my husband hit a the long steal rod that was sticking out of the big clamper that he used to keep the freezer door closed. He dropped to the ground and in pain. So I quickly picked up my son in my left arm and rushed into the garage.

Son: Daddy, Daddy!

Me: Put pressure on your head. (Checked that husband is conscious and can walk.) Into the house! 

Son quickly jumped onto Mammy, put both hands on Mammy’s neck and hang tight. I pulled my husband up with my other hand. When we got into the house, Son jumped on the ground. 

Me: Stay with Daddy. (Went to get the first aid kit.)

When I got back, Son was there and he stepped back so I could help Daddy. I cleaned and covered the wound. Son was trying to help by keep passing me oinments, bandaids, stuff that he could find in the first aid kit. After I am done with the wound, I looked at my son and realized he was very frightened. 

Me: Come here, Son. (Reaching out to hug him). Mammy knows it is very scary. Mammy knows you are very worried about Daddy. You are so brave! 

P: (Bursed out) 抱抱 (hugs)! (He was shaking.) 

Son, you are so brave! At this young age of yours, you know you need to put down your feeling for a moment to help your Daddy. You know the true meaning of love!

My little brave man