Son loves diggers

Waiting for food at dinner time

Son was putting the crayons into the small pouch. He suddenly rolled his eye and the evil smile grew on his face. Happily he pushed the pouch off the table to the floor. (Oh yeah, mammy saw it but she didn’t say anything.) 

Son: Oh No!!!! I dropped it.

Mom: You dropped it you執 (pick it up). No more drawing as you did it purposely. 

Son:Daddy執,please! (Daddy picked it up. Son smiled.)

Son picked up a fork in slow motion ready to drop on the floor.

Mom: You drop it, you can’t play digger tomorrow. 

Son dropped it on the floor. Then picked up a spoon in slow motion with his mouth wide opened. 

Mom: You drop it, you can’t play cho cho train tomorrow. 

Sure, he dropped it. Now picked up the whole plate. 

Mom: You drop it, you can’t play any toys tomorrow. 

Son: No digger? (Mammy nod her head) No cho cho train? (nod) No Legos? (nod) No bus?

Mom: No toys. Any toys. 

Son put down the plate on table. Quiet for a minute. 

Son: Tomorrow Sunday

Mom: Tomorrow is Monday. 

Son: Tomorrow Daycare (smile)

Mom: I know. (You have toys in daycare.)

Yes, I have a two year old.