Dinner Time again:

Mom: Drink your soup. 

Son: Digger after dinner, Mammy.

Mom: No digger today. You threw the fork on the floor, remember? 

Son: No digger, no soup. 

Mom: No soup and no digger then. (Took away the soup.)

Son had couple bites of rice then stopped.

Son: I want to play cho cho train. 

Mom: No train. You threw the spoon on the floor, remember? 

Son: No throwing fork and spoon on the floor. 知道(I understand) !

Mom: 知道就好啦,食飯。(That’s good. Eat.)

Son: Digger after dinner? 

Mom: Tomorrow.

Son: Bus after dinner? 

Mom: Ok. Eat. 

Yes, I have a two year old negotiator.