Last updated: 5/5/2016

I am a results-driven technical professional with strong leadership and management skills backed by more than 20 years of development and leading technical teams to deliver successful solutions.

I have been in consulting business since 1995. Technologies have changed.  From the era of Bulletin Board System, then Perl Script in Mosaic Web page , the birth of Microsoft Internet Explorer and programming with VBScript,  ASP, ASP+, Java Servlets, ASP.NET, Java EJB, MEAN… We questioned about what we can do with Internet. What good about it if it cannot solve issues and serve us important information? Now our question is how do we get the most fun out of it in our social network? Imagination and creativity won’t be reality without technical skills, business knowledge, a strategic plan, and follow-through execution.

Over the past years, I have developed different kinds of applications such as ASP.NET MVC applications, Web APIs, Web Services, and some mobile solutions.  I have good methodologies and excellent written communication skills. I have great passions working with clients to understand their needs and tailor a custom solution to enhance their business processes. Happy customers give me the greatest satisfaction in my consulting career.

I spent past three years in a investment company. Most of my consulting experience were from federal and state government projects.  I was specialized in Electronic Courts, Content Management, eGovernment, and Custom Application developments. I saw many successful projects, some challenging ones while others are disastrous.  I constantly question what we can do better.  What we could do differently to have better results? How can you energize your team and empower them to produce quality products within budget and deliver on time? The Iron Triangle is a puzzle I always try to solve: costs, time, and scope.  My goal in project management is to resolve this puzzle to a Golden Triangle: Quality, On Time, and On Budget.
For my work experience, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.
Other than technologies, I also have lots of other interests such as skiing, snow shoeing, rollerblading, biking, travel,  jazz, musical, poems, scrapbooking, and gardening. I love God and I am blessed with a happy boy and an understanding husband who is a professional and my personal chef.

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