Be Still

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Images of drowned Syrian Boy echoes around World – pic from Google Image

O My Son, Be Still

Why are you so unrest
In the middle of the night and
You refuse to be comforted

O My Son, Be Still

Are you crying for the children
In the middle of the ocean who are
Seeking for their parents?

Are you crying for the parents
In nobody’s land who are
Trying to save their children’s future?

Are you wondering
In those helpless lonely days if
Mama will be there?

O My Son, Be Still

Listen to those little birds
In the morning
Singing “Blessed are those who have faith”

Listen to the voice
In your heart
Beating every second of God’s miracles

Listen to the roars
In the ocean
Washing away sorrows of Syria

O My Son, Be Still

Our almighty Creator
In the sky way up high is
Watching and protecting you

Mothers with broken hearts
In soaking tears of helplessness
Crying out to our Father in Heaven

Sheep of innocence
In the red sea of Syria are
Sleeping peacefully in their Shepherd

O My Son, Be Still
In every single breath I take,
I am loving you more

By Angel Pang 2016-09-08


I want to make you smile as you made me

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I want to make you smile as you made me
I wish to see your thoughts through your eyes
My soul awaits your sweet commands
Why let silent take your mind?

I want to make you smile as you made me
I wish to dive into your secret world
The mountain echoes your emptiness
Why let loneliness fill your heart?

I want to make you smile as you made me
I wish to be your personal angel
My wings extend to reach your hands
Why let fear cold your feet?

By Angel Pang on March 19, 2008

Our Grandma

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In the morning
We eat and rush out for school
She does the dishes and tidy up the bedrooms
She is off to the market with a basket almost as tall as her tiny body

At the market
She is the sunshine
She is a great negotiator
She is always welcomed

Day in and day out
We enjoy her care for granted
She works hard with joyful heart
She is our grandma with unconditional love as God has shown us

Mother is very ill
We gather in our dark tiny room crying
She encourages us and asks us to pray to God
She is faithful to God with her whole heart as God has promised our salvation

At her seventy-two
We move to this western world
She continues to take care of us
She is our gardener with a grass hat planting roses, fig trees, pears, tomatoes, plums…

In this western world
She loves eating
She loves planting
She loves being with us

One blue day
We are not prepared for this
She climbs up to pick figs from the tree and falls on her shoulder
She is injured with a fracture and everything starts from that

Grandma becomes very ill
We are told that Grandma has non-small cell lung cancer
She fights confidently with the disease and her spirit is high
She is brave with God’s comfort and treasure every moment God gives her

In the morning
We lose our beloved Grandma
She lives a full life and leaves us with all her love
She is a great mother, wonderful grandmother, caring great grandmother, honest friend …

During the days without Grandma
We will always love you
We will remember your teaching
We will see you in heaven

by Angel Pang on June 22, 2011

In loving memory of the most wonderful grandma in the world who passed away on June 2, 2011 at age 93.