A pouring rainy Saturday morning started with normal morning ritual: helping Daddy to find his keys.  No luck this morning. Daddy was very upset. Though a nice yummy breakfast made up for it.

After breakfast, Daddy went to work.  Rain stopped. We bike in our neighborhood and found that biking on pine cones was super fun. Son even risked the chance of being questioned by a passing-by police while collect pine cones from neighbor’s houses. He spread them on the road and roll over them with his bike.  He can be a good mountaineer or explorer. Son giggled and laughed all the way home. 

After lunch, we napped together. Mom screamed in the middle of the nap after son gave her a side kick right into her eyes. 

Son woke Mammy up by putting his little hand into Mammy’s mouth. Maybe son can be a dentist one day. Time to find some entertainment: watching landscapers working on neighbor’s yard!  Son created a brilliant way to have snack so he could watch them at the same time. 2 hrs, bam! Gone! Perhaps a landscaper job will interest him. Who said 3 year old has short attention span? 

Got to burn some energy! I sent him to climb, run, row, scream, jump, popping balloons, and sharing germs in Wiggle Works. Bam! Another 2 hrs gone! 

Hungry little monster ate a cream horn, more than half piroshky and most of the pelmeni meal for dinner.  To those who are always concerned if I feed my son, I do but I just don’t know where the food goes! For the record, I also emailed his doctor if there was any chance he had worms in his tummy. Doctor said the person who might need to see doctor was me.

Son, with his tummy sticking out,  had yet an ice cream while watching a rock band perform causing all other kids to scream at their parents or grandparents for ice-cream.  After the concert, son said, “Mammy, I don’t want to bath. I need to wear my shirt (with the guitar imprint) to sleep”. Maybe he wants to be a musician but I think musicians also bath and change their clothes.

No way I am going to let stinky monster go to bed without bath. Bath time and which PJ to wear negotiation time. Mammy won and son decided that we have to do laundry tomorrow. 

Mommy took off contact lens and realized eye was in pain and teared. Son saw Mammy and asked, “let me see… oh… it is red. Why are you sad, Mammy?” “Mammy is not sad. Mammy’s eye is in pain.” Son pulled Mammy to him, and exclaimed, “huggies”! 

Finished reading two books two times each, Son still refused to go to bed and wanted to wait for Daddy. Mammy said, “I know you miss Daddy. But Daddy will not be happy if you are not sleeping when he comes home. How about we pray for Daddy?” “I want to pray for Daddy’s key, Mammy’s eye, and my shirt.”  So we prayed.  

Good night groovy son!